Parade Entry Form

4th of July Parade 2019 Entry Packet

Parade theme:

“Rocket out of this World”

Representing 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon

Deadline for applications is:

June 27th 2019 @ Midnight

In order to meet our road closure deadline there is a limit of 70 parade entrants

Contact information regarding the parade:



Parade Rules & Guidelines

The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct of all of its participants and agrees to notify ALL participants of these rules and regulations.

Entries having children under age 18 must provide parents or other adult chaperones to walk alongside and supervise.


  • Stay off the sidewalks and follow the parade route.
  • Do not interfere with other parade participants.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.
  • Children under the age of 16 must not drive motorized vehicles.
  • All participants on bikes must wear helmets due to liability insurance.
  • Do not throw any items into the crowd, this includes candy, water balloons and spraying water from floats.
  • Passing out items, hand-to-hand to parade spectators is acceptable.
  • No plastic disposable water bottles are allowed to be handed out during the parade.
  • Do not litter or otherwise make a mess that someone else will have to clean up.
  • Remember, this event is rated “G” an entry must be suitable for viewing by all ages.
  • The parade is an alcohol free event.  No drinking will be permitted by ANY parade participant before or during the parade.  Anyone found to be in violation will be asked to leave and law enforcement will be notified.
  • No smoking.
  • Do not use banners, costumes or language that even come close to denigrating anyone or anything.
  • Max of 10 horses per entry
  • Max of 5 cars per entry
  • Max of 2 trailers per entry
  • Max length of trailer is 30 feet
  • Max float height is 13 feet
  • Horse entries must provide their own mucker
  • All local, State & Federal laws apply during the parade.
  • Stopped parade performances are only allowed in designated areas (directly in front of judges & announcement booths).  All other times the participants are expected to move with the flow of the parade and not stop.

Throughout the parade there will be parade officials who will control the flow of the parade.  Due to the change in the parade route this year it will be extremely important to follow the parade official’s instructions.  Parade officials will be wearing red staff shirts and have the final say.  Any participant who refuses to obey in the instructions of the parade officials will either get a warning, be pulled from the parade immediately or be suspended from any parades in the future.

Any participant who is acting in a manor deemed negligent, reckless, or dangerous will be asked to leave the parade immediately.  Any person who does not comply with parade officials will be escorted from the parade route by law enforcement.

The Sonoma Volunteer Firefighters Association would like to keep this historic and loved parade for many years to come.  Each participant in the parade can do their part by providing a safe, fun parade for the community and guests of Sonoma Valley.

Equestrian and animal Specific Guidelines

There will be thousands of spectators, loud music, other animals and more. Please be a responsible owner and only bring an animal that can handle this type of pressure. Any rider or trainer showing inability to control their animal, or any animal showing visible signs of distress will, at the Parade official’s discretion, be removed from the Parade. No riders under 12 years of age. No stallions or Donkeys are permitted in the parade. Only one rider per horse. No switching of riders during the parade. No pregnant riders/horses will be allowed to participate in the parade. Each animal group must have their own cleanup unit. Each equestrian unit must provide pooper–scoopers, all units are required to have 1 pooper–scoopers (min.). Pooper Scoopers, are to be in good health/physical condition, no younger than 12 years of age, whose duty will be to follow directly behind the unit from the staging area, throughout the parade route and to the disbanding area at the end of the parade. For the sake of safety, all equine parade entries should be accompanied by side walkers with at least one per every five horses and one for every carriage or hitch. The side walkers are placed between the horses and the spectators so they can intercede if a horse acts up. Side walkers will be supplied by the equine participants, not the parade management. The side walker should be a qualified horse handler, assigned to specific horses, and responsible for monitoring safety.

All parade riders are to stay in their assigned area in unit formation at all times.  Do not separate from your unit formation. Riders MUST ride two by two or single file formation.  NO riding three horses across or more. Horses should be kept at minimum 6 feet from the spectators.  When not preforming for the announcers or judges riders are to stay in the middle of the road. No spurs are allowed on any unit equestrian rider.

Any participant/entrant who does not cooperate or fails to carry out instructions or assignments given by the Parade officials (red staff shirts) or items in this document may be given a warning, asked to leave the event or banned from participating in future events.  All rules apply from the staging area throughout the parade and until the animals are fully loaded for transport.

“WARNING: Each participant who engages in an equine activity expressly assumes the risks of engaging in and legal responsibility for injury, loss, or damage to person or property resulting from the risk of equine activities.”

Check-In Procedure

To participate in the parade you must obtain:

  • An entry number.
  • Parade entry plaque

The only way to secure the above credentials is to check in with the parade coordinator at the Sonoma Veterans Hall parking lot on 1st Street East by 8:30AM on July 4. The parade begins promptly at 10 a.m. Due to the size of the parade and traffic limitations, parade entries should arrive by 9 a.m. on July 4. Walking units should be in position, assembled and ready to go by 9:45 a.m. If entries are not in place by the time in which they are assigned in order, they may lose their spot in the parade. Changes may not be made to the parade unit without prior approval from the parade coordinator. No entry will be made once parade lineup departs Sonoma Veterans Hall lot. All entries may only do one loop on parade route, NO multiple loops.

The parade coordinator and only the parade coordinator is responsible for setting the lineup of the parade.

  • Display your entry number on the right side of your float or entry so it is visible from the Judging Stand and by the parade announcers.

Check-in Map

New Parade Route Map

Click here to download or print map

Judging the Parade

This year’s theme will focus on semi-centennial of the USA and Apollo 11 moon landing as well as incorporating the Valley of the Moon.

All entries will be judged on their adherence to our theme, originality, enthusiasm and patriotism.

There will be one winner for each category:

  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Families or Individuals
  • Social Clubs
  • Youth Clubs
  • Musical
  • Commercial
  • Animals

Political categories will not be judged.

A Best-in-Show Grand Prize will be awarded to the entry showing the best and most creative adherence to the theme with the most enthusiastic participants, patriotism and crowd appreciation.

Parade Fees

Minimum Parade Fees:

•    Non-Profit Organization- $100
•    Families or Individuals- $75
•    Social Club- $125 (5 cars maximum)
•    Youth Club- $100
•    Musical- $100
•    Animals- $150 (10 horse Maximum)
•    Commercial/Advertising- $350
•    Political- $500

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